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Don’t Ever “Settle For” In Love

Lots of people worry about this.

What if you end up with the wrong person?

But if you worry about that too much?

You might not find anyone.

So what you often do, is you start to think that you need to “settle for” the person in front of you. You’ll never find the perfect match, so you might as well give the person you’ve found a try.

Sadly, at first this seems to work.

You enjoy what you enjoy about them.

But as time goes on?

Not so much.

They always seem to change before your eyes.

Of course that’s not what really happens. It is a very well know fact that you never fall in love with the real person. Who you fall in love with is always a fantasy you’ve contrived.

Makes sense right?

After all?

When you first meet?

You’re on your best behavior.

Is it really a surprise to you?

Of course that’s what they are doing too!

I know you think the reason you “settle for,” is because you’re afraid you won’t find someone to love you. In truth though, that’s not the case, despite what you believe.

The REAL reason you “settle for?”

You’re shooting for monogamy.

Because you only get one shot at this?

You start to think, “It’s this person or nobody!”

But what if you could just enjoy each person you meet, for what they’ve got to offer? What if you didn’t have to “settle for,” because you didn’t have to choose just one of them?

That’s what Romantic Friendships are.

They are the freedom to love anybody.

You’re not risking anything.

You’re not putting everything on the line.

Romantic Friendships aren’t about avoiding commitment. They’re about not limiting your options. You get to love whoever you love, without them needing to be everything.

Doesn’t that sound freeing?

Isn’t it what your heart really wants?

When you love with an open hand?

You don’t “settle for.”

You just let love in wherever you find it!

How about you? Would you like to enjoy everyone you love, without the pressure they have to be perfect, or will you continue to “settle for” something less than just being open to love?

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