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Don’t Become Another One Of The Statistics!

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Summer time!

The time when all the weddings hit.

The time you take the plunge.

Dive right in with complete oblivion!

Several friends and people I know are doing so right now. It’s hard to watch and what can I say but “Congratulations!” though that’s not what I’m thinking.

Recently in a polyamory group?

They were asking what to do when friends marry.

Do you attend?

Do you wish them well?

How can you when you believe they are mistaken?

One thing that is a bit different with me is I’m not religious about my position. I don’t believe monogamy works but I respect your right to find out the hard way if you insist on it.

All I can do is share what I know.

I’m totally aware you probably won’t listen.

It is very enjoyable when a few of you do.

But the rest of you?

You have a passion for self-punishment!

Just this week I wished a guy and girl I know well as they headed into wedded “bliss” together. Doesn’t matter she already had one bad marriage. As always this one will be different.

Another friend who I really respect?

He took the plunge about a year ago.

There too?

I wished them well.

But I also felt like they had started the count down.

Everybody in the relationship space knows that the honeymoon phase is 6 months to about 3 years before attraction leaves you. That can be extended if kids come along but they still seal the deal on you eventually.

It’s hard to watch.

But I’ve experienced it myself.

What can I say?

Been there DONE that.

When it comes to Romantic Friendships it is usually the ones who’ve tried and failed a few times who actually listen. Once you’ve gone around the block with “the one” and another “one” and possibly another you finally get the picture.

But still?

I would be remiss if I didn’t say this to you now.

You don’t have to find out the hard way like I did!

The water is cold.

And it only gets COLDER.

Don’t dive in thinking your love will be the exception!

What do you think? Can you take a word from the wise and prevent your love from becoming just another one of the statistics?

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