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Does She Pass The Friend Zone Test? (Part 2)

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You know me.

When I have an interesting experience?

I just have to tell you about it.

This time I have two experiences to share.

But they reflect a common theme.

That theme is the fact that if you don’t think a guy is bending over backwards to “sweep you off your feet?” You write him off as having no “romantic potential” for you at all.

The first experience happened a year or so ago.

I was interacting with a girl through Match or was it OK Cupid?

She seemed very interested in meeting up.

When I pitched that idea she was all game.

All game that is until she found out what I was thinking. I guess she didn’t feel coming all the way from North Vancouver for a White Spot meetup was “thrilling” enough.

For those who don’t know?

White Spot is a family restaurant.

I know I know.

“You’ve got to be kidding Kel!”

“You asked her to meet you at WHITE SPOT?”


Why not?

We can get to know each other there just as good as anywhere.

I even had a date buy me a meal there one time!

The second experience happened when a girl on the Plenty of Fish site indicated she’d like to meet me. I got the notification and I checked her profile out right away.


I couldn’t tell a lot about her.

Her pictures weren’t very informative.

She had sunglasses on in ALL of them.

Not exactly letting a guy know how you look there are you?

But because I know that romantic love comes from actually getting to KNOW a person? I spotted her that and decided that I would message her anyway.

First I asked if she lived downtown.

She confirmed so I pitched a meetup.

“Feel like meeting up tonight?”


“How bout the Blenz coffee shop at Davie and Granville at 8pm?

You would think I suggested we meet on the street in East Vancouver amidst all the drug users! The conversation that ensued was to me a great “bullet dodging” experience for sure.

“I will pass.”

“Oh? What’s up?”

“Guys who meet up for coffee just need someone to talk to.”

“Ha ha. You’re making a lot of assumptions there!” I replied.

“I value my time. Meeting for coffee is lame.”

“Next!” was what I was thinking.

Needless to say you know me by now and how I felt about that conversation. It was very clear this girl figured I had to wine and dine her and show her a “good time.”

In other words?

I had to THRILL her.

To convince her I had some “value.”

Her comment about not wasting HER time?

That’s exactly how she made me feel about MINE.

Just another version of the friend zone test actually.

But never one to let sleeping dogs lie?

I sent her what became our final message that night.

“Talking is how you get to know someone but if you’re not interested in getting to know each other that’s cool…” I never heard back from her after that so I guess her claim to want to meet ME was simply false.

Funny isn’t it?

Based on her pictures?

I could have written her off immediately.

But instead I figured, “Why not?”

“What is it going to cost me to give her a chance?”

Apparently it cost me THIS.

Experiencing yet another girl who can’t get past her preconceptions.

I’m telling you girls you need to lighten up.

Give those guys who reach out to you a chance.

What do you think girls? Are you really so up on yourself that you think going on a date with a guy to White Spot or Blenz is too below you or do you recognize that getting to know the person is the actual point?

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