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Do You Have To Be Fun To Attract Girls?

You’ve heard it said right?

“Girls just want to have fun?”

Yes I know.

They also want to be LIED to.

But when it comes to attracting girls into your life isn’t it somewhat inevitable, that you’ve got to become a veritable circus monkey or they’ll just ignore you?

A male dating coach I read?

He says that it’s true.


Girls also like intelligence and seriousness.

Those things usually indicate a guy is successful in making his way in the world, and feed into a girl’s natural desire for a provider.

But in the social environment?

Girls are looking for excitement.

Come across as an intellilgent guy?

That is a recipe for disaster.

While I appreciate the reasoning here, there is one thing that is totally missing. What type of girl are you interested in, and what is THAT type of girl looking for?


I prefer quirky girls.

Girls with some smarts.

And those girls?

They really dig thinkers.

So rather than worry about changing yourself, my recommendation would be just learn to frequent circles where the girls are different.

Don’t hang out at the clubs.

Skip the whole night scene thing.

Hit the library.

Hit the bookstore.

Once you learn to fish in the right pond for YOU, suddenly you’ll find those cute little fishies that you’re looking for will start biting.

They will love you for you.

They will love your mind.

Even understand your humor.

Things will be so much easier.

What do you think? Is the problem really you, or are you just interested in girls who, like yourself, want to go deeper than the average girl does?

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