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Do You Believe In Serendipity?

I met up with a buddy last night.

He and I seldom get together.

We usually meet up quarterly.

Give one another an update.

I messaged him this week, feeling like it was time for a relationship report from him. He felt the same way, so we set ourselves a time that we could meet.

He is seeing a new girl now.

They have met up only a few times yet.

The experience with her is wonderful.

Very different than he’s had before.

When I last saw him, he was in a relationship that obviously wasn’t working. This girl was really into him, but their long term desires just weren’t the same.

I was glad to hear he moved on.

That he was still getting himself out there.

Sadly, this current girl is already riding him.

Saying he isn’t messaging her enough.

Not sure why you girls insist on shooting yourselves in the foot when it comes to relationships. You have a guy who is showing you love, and you start to manipulate him this way.

After a while it was my turn.

I started to share all my encounters.

The girls I’ve met.

The openers I’ve used.

YES girls.

Just like you, we talk about these things!

As I was sharing my update with him, we encountered something completely hilariious. I told him about my experience with a particular girl that had gotten interesting.

That’s when our visit turned.

Got even more intriguing.

Seems he had a similar encounter.

And he had it with this very SAME girl.

What are the chances traveling totally different social cicles, that he and I would end up with this girl offering herself to both of us?

When it comes to relationships?

My life is never a dull moment.

But serendipties like this?

They always make me do a double take.

You realize it really isn’t in your hands.

You just have to let fate play with you.

How about you? Are you trying to keep everything in control so it doesn’t get away on you, or are you learning to let yourself go so something serendiptious can happen to you too?

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