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Contentment Is The Key To A Happy Love Life

I’ve talked about this before.

But it still deserves repeating.

When a Facebook relationship coach posted today?

It was brought out yet again to me.

She wasn’t talking about contentment, but she was calling you girls out on not taking care of yourselves. While guys will feed themselves and get the rest they need, you girls seldom do.

What she didn’t realize though?

Your failure to do so is just symptomatic.

The reason you constantly over do it like this?

You live in a perpetual state of discontentment.

Of course you come by this challenge of yours in a very natural fashion. Because you are more emotional creatures, that makes you want things to change constantly.

Unfortunately for the two of you?

This wreaks havoc on your love life.

To maintain the feeling of romantic love?

This constant stressing of yours needs to go unfortunately.

What you need to do instead is learn to emulate consciously, what your partner comes by naturally. You need to take that chill pill and learn to relax more regularly.

In neurotransmitter terms?

You need to drop the dopamine chasing.

Instead of going for sensation all the time?

Opt for the calmness of sensitivity.

It is in the quiet times of peaceful contentment that true love finds its nourishment. The more the two of you can just BE instead of DO, the closer and closer to each other you will become ultimately.

I know that you can get there.

I had to do the same thing with my porn addiction.

I had to learn that chasing that thrill?

It was keeping me trapped all the time.

When I shifted away from dopamine chasing, an amazing thing started to happen. I discovered there is an entire rich world of FEELING on the other side of it.

Now what I want more than anything else?

It’s to make love instead of “have sex” with my partner.

I want to spend luxurious hours doing “nothing” with her.

Reach out to me and I’ll help you get there!

What do you think girls? Is the problem really that your partner isn’t motivated to join you in your frenzy, or is it actually you who needs to learn the state of calmness from him?

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