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Close Encounters Of The Best Kind

A while back I told you how to meet girls by not really trying to.

I even showed you how to get asked out by girls, instead of you asking them.

Today I want to share with you the real secret to making all this happen.

It’s going to blow you away when you hear it.

Because you already have what it takes.

And being an introverted guy puts you miles ahead of all the other guys too.

Are you ready to understand the power at your disposal?

Okay here goes…

The secret weapon to meeting girls without trying?

Of having them ask you out instead?

It is this:

Give them a close encounter…with you!

You see as an introverted guy you have a lot of depth to you.

Because you don’t spend all your time bouncing off walls in night clubs?

And you’re not out endlessly running marathons and climbing mountains?

This gives you a lot of time to think.

Because you think?

You’ve developed your view of the world.

You know a lot of things about a lot of things.

This absolutely fascinates girls. And not just that introverted girl.

In my experience?

Even that “bounce of the walls” girl gets excited about an intelligent guy.

Because it is something completely foreign to her usually.

I’m not saying she’s all airhead at all.

It’s just that the guys she normally hangs out with are more concerned with getting in her pants than getting in her heart and mind.

And developing deep thoughts about things has simply not been her focus.

Because of her energy?

When she encounters someone like you?

With the kind of depth you bring to the table?

It is sort of like crack to her.

Yes she still enjoys the boys who get her excited.

That’s never going to change.

But when she experiences someone who is truly grounded – like you are – it creates an encounter of peace that she just doesn’t experience anywhere else.

Introverted girls love this too…because they are like you.

So you really have the world at your feet.

Your belief you don’t is just a category mistake.

And one you can totally correct by just tweaking your life a bit.

What do you need to do? Get out there so that girl can have a close encounter with you!

No I’m not talking about learning how to seduce her.

I’m talking about being out there where she can experience your depth.

See it in contrast to all the party boys she keeps falling for.

When she does?

I promise you she will be interested.

She will see your in tune-ness with reality and desire you. She will start trying to get your attention.

Once you recognize this?

Your life will change forever.

You will have the opportunity to get to know some wonderful girls.

And give them that true heart you have for them.

And don’t forget those sweet, introverted girls too!

They are a gold mine of relationship wonder to be explored as well!

So go out and make Steven Spielberg proud! Give her a close encounter of the best kind!

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