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Cheating Is The Best Way To Have A Happy Love Life

You’re probably doing a double take here.

“What’s up Kel?”

“Now you’re advocating cheating?”

“I am totally surprised at you.”

“I always took you to be an ethical guy.”

Well okay maybe that’s not true and you actually think I lost my ethics a long time ago. After all aren’t I the guy who told you how to safely have a relationship with someone who is married?

Of course if you really know my stuff?

You know I’ve also told you how to AVOID cheating.

If you don’t want your partner to cheat on you?

Don’t require “faithfulness” from them in the first place!

But none of this is what I’m talking about today. What I want you to reflect on here is your general approach to relationships. Even though everybody else is playing by the rules what I think you should to is CHEAT!

Playing by the rules?

That is what is messing up your relationships!

By doing things the way they TELL you to?

Your love life keeps failing you.

Everybody is telling you that you need to go out there and find your “one and only.” What you are searching for is your soultmate or at least sombody to help you grow who will “be there for you.”

What I’m constantly saying instead?

I’m telling you not to listen!

Even though their advice sounds RIGHT to you?

It couldn’t be more obviously wrong.

Of course in saying this I’m not just expressing my opinion. Every single relationship author I’ve ever read recognizes how things are constantly breaking down.

The difference between their advice and mine though?

They think you just need to try HARDER.

If you just persist and don’t give up?

Love will work out for you eventually.

I’m here to tell you that the WHOLE GAME is completely rigged against you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to play by the rules you are NEVER going to win it.

Instead what I suggest you do?

Throw out the rules and start cheating!

That’s what Romantic Friendships are.

The “cheat sheet” for a happy love life!

What do you think? Are you really going to make your love life work by continuing to play by the rules or is it time to start cheating so you can start winning instead?

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