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Change Is What You Do When You Don’t Get It

“If you’re not changing you’re not growing.”

Even worse?

“You’re actually dying!”

If you and your partner aren’t moving forward all the time?

“Your relationship is through.”

Whenever I hear this “wisdom” touted, I just go into a major eye roll. All this relationship change you seek just means you suffer from major discontent. That’s all.

I wrote about this way back now.

I told you the secret to a perfect relationship.

Learning to appreciate what you’ve got?

Being content?

That is the key to everything!

While I found out a while ago that Romantic Friendships is channeling the early Stoics, there is also a very real sense in which I’m channeling Epicureanism too.

Epicurus gets a really bad rap.

He wasn’t at all about sensual hedonism.

His idea of “live for today for tomorrow we die?”

It was all about enjoying the SIMPLE things.

This is so wise of him, because the simple things are completely accessible. If you’re always discontent and wanting something else, then you never really live do you?

Instead what should you do?

Totally drink in the moment.

“Seize the day” as they often say.

Don’t try to get anywhere else.

Just “be here now” instead.

That is what I mean as well, when I encourage you to just “be” with your partner. When you take each other in with zero expectations, there is always something new happening!

Sometimes love making is fierce.

Other times it’s kinda funny!

And I’m not just talking about the sex you share.

I’m talking about ALL your love making.

Everything from hanging out, to going out dancing, to doing a day trip, to ordering in a pizza and Netflix and chilling!

When you have a simple love?

There is no need to change it.

Just enjoy your partner for who he or she is.

Be satisfied with them completely!

How about you? Do you also find there is really no need to change anything about your relationship, but instead you recognize the person right in front of you is an endless joy to experience?”

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