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Casual Love Is A Really Good Idea

So you’ve heard about “casual sex” right?

I think “casual love” has a nice ring to it.

Check out this article of the same title.

See if you don’t agree this is a good idea.

And while this particular author is talking more about attraction? Even that would not be so dangerous if you weren’t needing it to “go” anywhere.

If you looked at love this way?

As something that’s “no big deal” really?

Wouldn’t you enjoy it more?

Experience a whole lot more of it in your life?

But as the author also points out the reason you can’t is because you’re not “supposed” to. If your love isn’t going to lead to monogamy in the long run you shouldn’t “fall” at all.

But what if you just let go of all that?

What if instead you see romantic love to be about friendship?

What if it was actually okay to fall in love with all of your friends?

Would you be open to doing that?

I remember one time when I was talking to a girl about Romantic Friendships she started laughing. “I have a least 5 guys in my life right now that I could easily have that kind of relationship with.”

But you know what was really sad?

She still thought that she “couldn’t.”

Not because she didn’t love each of them.

She thought she “shouldn’t” let that love be romantic love as well.

It breaks my heart every time I experience one of these conversations. You girls have hearts so full of love yet you won’t share it with all the guys in your life.

Sure not every relationship will go as deep.

As this author says some will be more “casual.”

But instead of deciding any of that in advance?

Why not just go with it and see what will be?

Romantic Friendships really are the perfect lovestyle for being open to loving. And since you maintain your personal independent life you’re not risking ANYTHING.

Will you open up your heart to love?

Will you embrace it with anyone you find it with?

Will you see love as something more “casual” now?

So you can enjoy MORE of it in your life?

What do you think? Is “casual love” something crazy and dangerous that you should do everything you can to avoid or is it actually the most sensible way to approach your love life?

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