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Can You Tell I’m Not Trying To Sell You Anything?

I watched a marketing course this week.

Lots of excellent content!

My main takeaway though?

I’m clearly not trying to sell you anything.

The reason I know this is because of what this marketing girl kept insisting. If you want people to buy from you, then you have to give them what they’re wanting.

Not only that?

You also should avoid making them feel badly.

Don’t tell people they have to change.

Don’t tell them they have to work hard.


You need to show them it’s not their fault.

Show them an EASY way around their problems.

This is not the first time a marketer has said this kind of stuff to me. One good friend I have always says I’d attract more of you girls with with honey, than with all the vinegar I’m spewing.

The problem is?

If I do that?

I’ll just prolong your suffering.

If your love life is ever gonna change?

It really DOES depend upon you.

You DO have to change.

You DO have to grow.

And yes?

It’s GOING to be difficult!

You are never going to find true love by endlessly chasing fantasies. In one sense though it ISN’T your fault, because you come by all this naturally.

Nature is not your friend here.


It has an alternative agenda entirely.

While you think you’re pursuing love?

It’s just tricking you into getting babies made.

What do I tell you over and over and over?

You MUST become smarter than your DNA darling!

So while I’d love to have you buy from me and pay me for all my wisdom, I know the only way I can really help you? It’s by continuously shaking your tree instead of trying to sell you.

What I’m really doing here?

I’m trying to wake you from your slumber!

Until you come down from those clouds of yours?

Love is going to continue to disappoint you.

Not to worry though.

Since I don’t need popularity?

I’ll just keep on “tough loving” you!

Just know though that I don’t do this for sport, or because I don’t really love you. I would be in a relationship with so many of you girls by now, if I could just get you to SEE what I’m attempting to show you.

I really love the girls (and guys) in my life.

THAT is why I do this.

Nothing matters to me more now.

I just want to love and be loved by you!

But I know that will never happen by telling what you want to hear.

The girls I HAVE had relationships with?

They had to first come to their senses like I have!

What do you think girls? Am I really such a terrible guy for the tough way I talk about you, or can you see I truly love you since there is nothing I’m trying to sell you?

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