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But Eventually You’ll Want A Real Relationship (Part 2)

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What I always have to remind myself?

Most people think monogamy is normal.

When I talk about Romantic Friendships with them?

They think I’m talking about a short term thing.

I was reading an article by Mathew Hussey’s brother Stephen, that was talking about “situationships.” This is the idea of relationships that are nebulous regarding whether or not they are the “real deal.”

To show you just how odd this gets?

Hussey questions whether you’re really invested.

Romantic evenings and deep conversations?

Apparently those don’t mean anything.

Unless you’re “moving forward” you’re actually on an emotional rollercoaster ride that is just going to “come back to where it started.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Hussey says.

But it’s still only a “temporary ride.”

So the underlying assumption yet again?

Only long term monogamy is “real” for the long run.

True to form as well, Hussey seems to feel your other goals and things you want to accomplish should take precedence. Prioritizing a romantic connection like this is ultimately “wasting time.”

One thing he’s totally right about though?

You should choose your lovestyle with two open eyes.

But when you look at monogamy’s terrible track record?

It’s actually Romantic Friendships that look real don’t they?

I’ve told you before I don’t break up with anybody. This means in practice Romantic Friendships ARE long term for me completely.

Unlike supposed long term monogamy?

Romantic Friendships avoid the things that cause love to falter.

While you get to enjoy romantic love?

You get to continue enjoying your independence also!

If you’re looking at Romantic Friendships as only some kind of “situationship?” You still need to break free from the traditional monogamy paradigm.

As I read Hussey’s article?

I found myself to be the one saying it.

Once you’ve been burned by monogamy enough?

Eventually YOU’LL want a real relationship!

What do you think? Are Romantic Friendships just a temporary thing until you finally settle for a real relationship, or are they actually the real deal you’ve been looking for?

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