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But Doesn’t God Believe In Monogamy?

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Though I don’t talk about it a lot around here?

I am a professing Christian.

I say “professing,” because with my relationship views?

A lot of people probably wouldn’t affirm this of me.

After all, aren’t I the one who asked you why you believe in monogamy? And when I did so, didn’t I also parallel this to the questionableness of Christian belief?

Surely when you read the Bible?

One thing appears completely obvious.

God doesn’t just believe in monogamy.

He INVENTED the thing!

All through the New Testament, the church of Christ is described as the “bride of Christ” extensively. Husbands are encouraged to love their wives, just like Christ loved the church.

Even leaders in the Christian church?

They are to be the husband of one wife…not twenty!

What could be more clear from this?

God is completely AGAINST Romantic Friendships and polyamory!

But as always in the relationship world, you’re being subjected to a “bait and switch” here. Because if there is one thing that is also obvious, it is that the Old Testament is CHOCK FULL of polyamory.

Abraham and Jacob?

David…and of course Solomon?

Almost every man of God you see?

They have wives and concubines aplenty.

Yes I know that kings were told not to multiply wives ridiculously. But according to Samuel, God HIMSELF gave David Saul’s wives, when Saul’s time on earth was through.

And remember that “bride of Christ” thing?

Well Israel was also God’s WIFE in the Old Testament.

But when the nation split in two?

Got himself began to participate in polyamory.

What this shows you is that God uses the current cultural relationship style, to illustrate his relationship with his people. The central point of these illustrations is love. Not monogamy or polyamory. (I wrote a whole book about this actually.)

The way you feel about your lover?

That’s how God feels about you also.

And just like you must love your lover with an open hand?

That’s the way God loves you too!

What do you think? It is true that God believes in monogamy and that is what the Bible tells you, or is it really demonstrating that what God believes in is love?

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