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But Doesn’t God Believe In Monogamy? (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series But Doesn't God Believe In Monogamy?

So after reading Part 2?

Maybe you’re still not convinced.

I suspect if you were to push back?

The following is what you might say to me:

“When you look at the relationships of Isaac and Rebecca, or Jacob and Rachel, how can you say they only married because of inheritance and property?”

“There were lots of reasons people married back then.”

“Wasn’t LOVE one of them?”

“It wasn’t just all about property.”

“Godly men loved their wives, just like they do today.”

“Jesus said, ‘But in the beginning it wasn’t so. God said it is not good for man to be alone.” He didn’t say property inheritance needed protecting.”

“God made Adam a “helper” in Eve.

“And he didn’t make him several of her!”

“Monogamous marriage is God’s ideal.”

“It was never man’s idea ever.”

Haven’t we just made a caricature today of what God meant to be a beautiful union? Isn’t marriage the nightmare it is in our time, because of the “ungodliness” that has tainted it so terribly?

You’re correct that in the Old Testament sometimes love WAS there.

But “marrying for love” still wasn’t part of the equation.

It’s not about what people’s MOTIVATIONS sometimes were.

It’s about the actual PURPOSE of the institution of marriage.

Wives were property, which is why the groom always paid her father a dower. She was owned by her father, until he passed ownership onto her husband eventually.

Adultery was one sided too.

That’s because it was stealing another man’s property.

I know it doesn’t sound very nice to you.

But that was the actual CULTURAL reality.

When God said it wasn’t good for man to be alone, he was talking about intimate relationship. Genesis 3 talks about ‘becoming one flesh.’ It doesn’t say anything about Adam and Eve getting married.

That all came later with the development of human societies.

Isaac also didn’t marry Rebecca.

He just took her into his tent one day.

We all know why, and what they got up to in there!

Genesis shows us what God DID in creating Adam and Eve, but that doesn’t turn what he did into DOCTRINE. God created things so Adam and Eve’s kids had to interbreed for the race to grow too. Should we also make a doctrine out of that one?

No matter how you slice it?

There’s just no evidence God believes only in monogamy.

The one thing we can consistently say though?

God believes in LOVE, because he’s told us that over and over!

What do you think now? Is there really a cut and dried case that from the beginning monogamy was God’s intended pattern, or is that just an extrapolation you’re making because of what YOUR culture has historically done about it?

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