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But Aren’t Romantic Friendships Just Temporary Anyway?

“You seem pretty upset for someone who expects to break up eventually,” she said.

“I don’t,” I replied.

“Don’t?” she answered back.

“No reason you couldn’t be romantic friends indefinitely.”

Of course in this case we were discussing the fact one of my monogamy girls had “left me.” She countered, “Except she wanted something different and you accepted that.”

“Sure. That’s always possible with a monogamy girl,” I replied.

“But if she’s happy connecting?”

“Not necessarily.”

“You took that chance though,” she persisted.

And of course she was right.

But really you “take that chance” every time you enter ANY type of relationship. What Romantic Friendships do though is increase your odds of things lasting more long term.

I know it is counterintuitive.

But by not asking for commitment?

You actually increase your chances.

It becomes more likely your relationship will last.

When someone commits to you they are saying they will choose to stay even if they no longer love you. You know this because when someone loves you they don’t need to commit to you to stay.

They stay because they want to.

Their love for you compels them.

If they finally do go?

It means their love for you is already gone.

And once the love is gone frequently there is little you can do about it. You find out that on this level EVERY relationship is “temporary” anyway.

But the way Romantic Friendships work?

There is no reason that will happen.

Since your relationship is about nothing else but your love?

What reason is there for it to go away?

Since you’ve removed all the “cares of this life” and all the reasons that normally make you take your love for granted? You’ve given yourselves the best fighting chance you could ask for to stay in love.

So the answer is, “No.”

Romantic Friendships definitely are NOT just temporary.

They are the best way to enjoy romantic love.

And to enjoy it indefinitely as well.

What do you think? Does asking your partner to commit to you guarantee your love will be any more permanent or is your love more likely to stay if you love with an open hand?

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