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Romantic Friendships: Enjoy Love Without Losing Your Independence!

Are you looking for love but don’t want to lose your independence?

Do you desire to enjoy much more than “just sex” without it requiring “commitment” as well?

Would you like to enjoy romantic love without all the baggage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Romantic Friendships is for you!

Romantic Friendships will help you enjoy love without losing your independence!

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How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life!: Say Goodbye To Emotionally Unavailable Guys And Find A Guy Who Really Connects!

Are you a girl who keeps ending up in relationships with emotionally unavailable guys?

Does your current partner not really connect with you in any meaningful way?

Have you almost given up on love and feel like maybe you should just resign yourself to being alone?

How To Be The Coolest Girl In His Life will help you find a guy who really connects!

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Lust Is Not The Problem: Porn and the Modern Christian (Radical Christian Sexuality Volume One)

In Volume One you learn that pornography is a huge problem for both Christians and Non-Christians.

Even so pornography is just a symptom, not the root cause.

The same thing goes for masturbation and its “guilt by association” with lust.

By seeing lust as the problem, the church is preventing people from achieving sexual self-control.

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Don’t Call It Sin: Sex and the Single Christian (Radical Christian Sexuality Volume Two)

In Volume One you saw the church is wrong about lust, masturbation and pornography.

Is its long-standing claim that sex must be reserved for marriage misguided as well?

As you might expect the real story is also more complicated than the one you’ve been told. 

Your options for enjoying your sex life as a Christian are richer than what your pastor probably wants you to know!

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Love Your Neighbor: Christian Monogamy and Polyamory (Radical Christian Sexuality Volume 3)

In Volume Three you continue your study of Christian sexuality.

You look at what it means to apply the law of love to your sex life in the cultural realities of your day.

Just like for believers in the past, there is no one way God intends relationships to look.

Today however you have many more relationship options than at any other time in history.

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5 Keys to Successfully Beat Porn Addiction for Christians

Are you a Christian guy fed up with the feelings of Guilt and Shame each time you fall victim to your porn addiction?

Have you reached the breaking point and desperately want freedom from your masturbation and porn compulsion?

Have you tried all the useless methods to free yourself from your obsession, like ‘will power’, filters, and avoidance?

Take action now with this direct and simple to follow story of how I ended my porn addiction and how you can too!

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