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Being Yourself Is Just Not Good Enough (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Being Yourself Is Just Not Good Enough

In Part 1 I told you to change your aim.

Quit going for the girls who excite you.


Because they’re wounded.

They’re only going to bring you grief!

Of course the reason you’re so attracted to those girls is you’re wounded also. Their crazy “bounce of the walls” energy makes you feel alive.

Today I read the latest newsletter from Troy Francis.

The subject line said it all.

It read, “He’s not exciting enough for her.”

It was talking about a convo Troy saw on Reddit.

It seems the guy in the picture had overheard a conversation between his girlfriend and another girl, when they were out at the club one night. The other girl was complaining about a Bad Boy she was seeing.

The guy’s girlfriend?

She sought to console this other girl.

She said, “My boyfriend is not an exciting guy.”

“But he makes up for it by being kind.”

Most normal human beings would say being kind is more valuable than being exciting. But for pickup artist Troy Francis, being considered unexciting is the greatest travesty of your life.

What should you do if this happens?

According to Troy, you should consider LEAVING her.

If your girlfriend only thinks you’re “nice?”

It will be the death of your love life!

“We KNOW what women really want – what really turns them on – sexy alpha bad boys. And so if that’s not how you’re regarded by your girl then there’s a good chance that you’re steering into choppy waters.”

But think about this in reverse.

That’s like saying if your girl isn’t hot as a porn star?

There’s no way your relationship can work.

Because obviously exciting SEX is everything!

What this girlfriend actually said was, “While it is fun to date exciting bad boys, in the end it’s better to find a sweet, stable nice dude.” In other words, she had learned the hard way what makes for a good relationship.

A girl who doesn’t think you’re exciting?

One who actually sees that as a GOOD thing?

SHE’S the girl you’re looking for.

The one who will love you for being yourself.

What do you think girls? Is Troy right that you should insist on your guy being a Bad Boy, or have you grown up now and learned what real love is actually about?

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