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Being Introverted Is Your Superpower

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A common error you Nice Guys make?

You think being introverted is a negative.

You couldn’t be more wrong about this.

Hopefully when I’m done here you’ll agree.

Of course a primary reason you think this is you’re just no good at being “social.” As you watch all those “bounce off the wall” Hottie girls? You think to yourself, “I could never win the heart of one of them!”

The first thing you need to realize though?

That’s not the girl to be going for.

She may be fun and flirty of course.

But usually that’s ALL she’s about.

Once you get your focus on those sweet introverted girls your averages will go up exponentially. The sweet ones are the ones you’re going to be more satisfied with anyway.

But let me take a moment here.

Because it’s time for a course correction.

You think those Hottie girls are out of your league?

Let me show yo what THEY think.

I was having lunch with one of these girls and I asked her if she’d like me to tell her about herself. When she said yes I said to her, “You’re really attracted to calm, quiet introverted guys like me.”

What do you think she said to that?

She told me I was completely right about it!

Two of her past relationships?

The guys had my same kind of energy.

Of course she also told me that with both of these guys she had been sexually unfaithful. And naturally if you insist on being monogamous with a “party girl” she probably will fool around behind your back too.

But you’re wondering, “Yes Kel but how did you know?”

Because I know being introverted is my superpower.

Opposites ALWAYS attract.

That type of girl and I are like crack to each other naturally.

But being an introverted guy you actually get the best of both worlds. While your calm introverted style is like crack to that Hottie girl? That sweet introverted girl loves your DEPTH too.

And depth is what you have in spades.

So with EVERY girl you have immense potential.

The only thing standing in your way?

You need to believe introversion is YOUR superpower too.

What do you say my introverted friend? Do you still think being introverted is your problem or are you starting to realize only believing that is standing in your way?

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