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Being Introverted Is Your Superpower (Part 2)

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Well the cat is really out of the bag now.

Haven’t you heard yet?

Those player types who “always get the girl?”

They are starting to squirm uncomfortably now.

Just when you thought these gods of “getting some” would leave you in the dust here? Along comes the global “pandemic” and suddenly they’re looking to YOU for advice.

Who do I mean by “you?”

I mean YOU my introverted buddy.

You see all along you’ve had what it takes.

You just haven’t recognized it yet.

The reason you haven’t recognized it is these guys are the experts of the “nightclubs and bar scene.” But since Covid shut their fantasy playgrounds down the players are completely floundering now!

You see the bar scene is not REAL LIFE.

Everything there is over exaggerated.

You have to be overly energetic and your jokes extreme.

Do that in real life and you look like a fool!

This is why I’ve always told you to pass on that night life social experiment. As an introverted guy that whole scene is just too over the top for you.

But now things have shifted to YOUR world?

The players don’t know what they’re doing.

When they try to meet girls in normal life?

They look like IDIOTS doing it.

Because unlike you they don’t know how to just be a normal human being. Meeting girls in the real world they have to completely tone themselves down.

In other words what’s happening now?

They have to learn what to YOU comes naturally.

Just when you thought it was they who were the naturals?

It turns out the OPPOSITE is true!

When I told you in Part 1 that being an introvert is your superpower I definitely wasn’t kidding you. And now that Covid-19 has hit you can see exactly why what I’ve told you is true.

There’s never been a better time to be youself.

So go out there and start those conversations!

Exercise your introverted superpower now?

You are bound to get amazing results!

What do you say my introverted friend? Is being an introvert the disadvantage you’ve always assumed it was keeping you from the love you’re desiring or has being an introvert prepared you for exactly a time like now?

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