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Being Coached About Other Girls

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I told you about my un-breakup in my last post.

How Cool Girl had chosen to pull back for the time being.

At one point she said to me,

“Now you’re sitting there waiting for me to let you love me.”

I told her not to worry, because I’m not an idle fella.

Case in point is, because I’m polyamorous I simply got a bit more active again. I went out and had some experiences with girls at meetups like I told you recently.

I also chose to post publicly about my experiences.

I wrote about the girl in the elevator.

And the two girls I met at the pub.

When I did, an amusing thing happened.

When Cool Girl read about the girl in the elevator, the next time we chatted she sought to coach me! She suggested a way I might have been able to connect with that girl after all.

When she heard about the Meetup thing?

She said, “I’m sorry you got kicked out of it.”

This is just how Cool Girl IS.

She was always thinking about me.

She is totally COOL!

I remember a year or so before that time, it was a quite a different situation. Cool Girl hit a point where she wasn’t sure she could handle me being with other girls.

She told me, “Maybe you should give me some exposure therapy.”

“Go get a couple other relationships.”

“Let’s see how I do.”

I told her that was silly.

I’m not into collecting partners.

But given Cool Girl’s current pulled away state, it seemed that’s sort of what was happening. She was getting a bit of exposure to my extra curricular activities.

I thought to myself, “If her current coaching patterns persist?”

“I’d say she’s doing good with it.”

“In her first stages of compersion.”

“Taking joy in my joy with whoever I find it.”

Cool Girl wasn’t quite to the place where she was giving me female referrals, but at least I knew she loved me enough to support me with them.

I know it was because we were currently not meeting up.

This was sort of an “unintentional” exposure therapy.

But I thought it could bode well for the long term.

I sure do LOVE that girl!

What do you think? Does it sound crazy to you I could love her more because she was cool about other girls, or does it make sense to you that we cheer each other on?

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