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Because You’re A Princess

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A lot of you girls?

You don’t even know.

You can’t see yourself.

But you’re a princess.

You sit in your castle of natural gifts of attraction, and think that the whole world owes you. You don’t believe you have to do anything, except wait for your prince to come and worship you.

Because you’ve always been beautiful?

You’ve spent most of your life looking in the mirror.

Convincing yourself you are God’s gift to guys.

How on earth would any prince not want you?

But as is the case with all fairy tales, you live in a fantasy and don’t even notice. You blame your disappointments in love on all those frogs, who were just prince impostors.

And so you wait for your prince to come.

And keep sending away the guys who creep you.

But every time you think you’ve found “the one?”

Once again he “loves you and leaves you.”

Since you are a fairy tale princess like this, it is hard for me to figure out just how to reach you. How do I climb the tower you’ve made for yourself, so I can somehow free you?

One way I’ve thought?

I could try to win your heart.

Try to break through your “Nice Guy” defenses.

Try to get through your initial resistance.

Patiently try to woo you.

But then I have to realize my love life itself, is not a charity that I’m running. Truth is, there are so many sweet girls living in your shadow, and they are TRULY beautiful.

What I do?

I take a hybrid approach.

Every now and then I reach out to one of you.

When I see you reject me yet again?

I just go enjoy one of your “ugly” sisters.

Because even though you’ve convinced yourself they are ugly, they are actually the true beauties. No, they don’t make themselves up like you do, but under the surface they are completely gorgeous and worthy.

The fact is?

You’re not a princess at all.

YOU are the ugly duckling!

Girls who focus on the beauty within?

They are the ones who find the real princes.

What do you think? Are you going to keep the princess delusion up for yourself, or are you finally going to wake up from dreaming, and realize you’ve got your priorities all wrong, so that even Prince Charming will move on to find someone else if he encounters you?

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