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At Least You’re Not As Old As My Dad!

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When she said this to me?

I had to chuckle.

Obviously at least a Type 3 here.

If she was a Type 1?

She’d be DISGUSTED by an “older dude.”

I learned about this “age of my dad” thing a long time ago, and it does seem to be a common criteria. As long as you’re at least younger than her DAD is, she will consider a relationship with you.

I suppose you’re curious though.

What other “types” are there out there?

According to my primary source?

There are Type 1’s, Type 2’s and Type 3’s.

A Type 3 is a much younger girl who hasn’t thought about being with someone much older. But when presented with the opportunity to do so, she would definitely consider a relationship with you.

A Type 2 girl is an ALL IN girl.

She thinks older guys are fantastic!

She’s always attracting them into her life.

And she also often pursues them!

My personal experience has been with Type 1 and Type 3 girls so far. I’d love to meet a girl who is really all in, but in the meantime I guess those Type 2 girls will have to do.

How do I ID a Type 2 girl?

My age has her curious.

The more I play the mystery card?

The more she wants to know it.

This can be a really fun dynamic, if you’re confident in your presentation. Girls love to be teased, and kept curious and in the dark about you.

This isn’t about being unkind or playing her.

And I do reveal my age eventually.

Before I do though what I really prefer?

It’s to confirm she’s already in love with me.

I don’t care if a girl knows my age, but I do care if my age actually matters to her. As long as that’s the case she is not yet truly in love with me.

And no girls, HER age doesn’t matter at all.

I’ve had relationships with girls older and younger.

My only criteria is that I find VALUE in connecting.

When I do I easily fall in love with her.

What do you think guys? Does the fact you’re getting older really matter and limit your options, or are you just failing to see that there are lots of younger girls out there that will be totally into you?

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