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Assumptions Never Serve You

So this one is a bit speculative.

I don’t know for sure the actual situation.

But a girl I was really connecting with last week?

She has totally ghosted me now.

This is a very confusing thing because she and I were REALLY connecting. She was eager to chat for hours with me and I was eager to chat with her too.

So after four straight days of this?

Why would she suddenly give me radio silence?

Because I’m an analytical and intuitive guy?

Let me take a stab at what I think might have happened.

Last weekend on Saturday I published a blog post about a funny experience I had on Facebook. While I was in the middle of connecting with a girl on there, suddenly I was booted out of the group.

What’s interesting about that blog post though?

I wrote it over a YEAR AGO.

But if you read that post you’d never know.

I refer to that experience as happening THIS week.

When the girl I was actually connecting with this week ghosted me, and I tried to visualize an explanation? The best I came up is she read that post, and thought I was connecting with this other girl at the same time I was connecting with her.

If so that’s really sad of course.

Because she’s (we’re) the victim of mistaken assumptions.

And now that she’s upset with me?

She’s not reaching out exactly when she SHOULD be.

If there is one thing that endlessly challenges me, it is the way you girls will not face DIFFICULT conversations. As soon as your feelings are hurt or unsettled in any way, you shut down or you RUN.

I feel so sad about how she must feel.

“I let myself get sucked in by another narcissist!”

“I opened myself up to feeling again.”

“And once again I’ve been let down!”

I honestly don’t know if you’ll ever read this love, but so far I think you’re totally amazing. The connection I’ve been experiencing with you just makes me want to know you more and more.

So if against all odds you get this message?

I hope you’ll dry those tears and reach out to me.

I’ve only begun to experience how wonderful you are.

Please don’t rob me from getting to know the rest of you!

What do you think? Is there ever a time you should cut things off without at least having one difficult conversation, or is this story a lesson to you that functioning on assumptions never serves you?

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