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As Long As She’s Slim

That’s what he said when I asked him this question:

“Do you have a particular type of girl you like?”

Another guy said, “Only the overweight girls give me the time of day. I’m just not interested in them.”

A third guy told me, “I just can’t get it up.”

This is the never ending theme I hear from guys.

And it’s not just from “shallow” guys who have no personality.

I hear this all the time from guys who are really good guys.

Guys who care about the girls they get with.

Guys who really want something long term.

Guys who would give their lives for you girls!

I’m telling you girls, this is not something to just ignore.

At times I absolutely hate how attraction works.

Not because girls don’t find me attractive when I’m not alpha enough for them.

It literally pisses me off that I care about how a girl looks too.

I wish it didn’t matter to me.

But it absolutely does.

I’m a guy.

This is hardwired into me.

I cannot completely eliminate it.

Believe me I’ve tried!

The fact is, I have to work with it. Which means you girls are going to have to work with it too.

And yes, we think you are just as shallow for wanting a confident, chaming guy who takes the lead.

Because you are just as shallow.

Don’t ever kid yourself about this.

We are all shallow when it comes to what we find attractive.

Because attraction has absolutely nothing to do with who the person s.

It is just biology to get babies made.

It is nothing but shallow on BOTH our parts.

So if I think this whole thing is shallow, why do I keep harping on this very thing again and again and again?

Why do I keep telling you girls to lose weight and present yourself as beautifully as you can?

Why do I keep telling you guys to develop your confidence anyway?

Because this “nature thing” is not going away.

It is hardwired into both of you.

So you have to live with it.

Yes please do focus on more than JUST this.

Of course if you’re a guy you should get to know a girl before getting physical with her.

And you should care about a whole lot more than just her body.

Absolutely if you’re a girl you should not friend zone a Nice Guy who is trying to get to know you first.

You have to fight this thing but if you think you will ever eliminate it, you’re just deluding yourself.

So do your best to prevent it getting in the way of finding true love in your life.

Love that’s based on valuing your partner for who he or she is, and them valuing you too.

The problem is nobody will ever come to learn what a great person you are if they don’t find you attractive at all.

Not because they shouldn’t see past that.

They just won’t.

Nature has made sure of this.

The only answer is to do your best to make yourself as attractive as you can so nature’s sell job doesn’t get in your way.

If you want to connect and have real relationships?

You’ve got to work with this thing.

It is NOT going away.

Nuff said?

So how about you? Do you hate this thing as much as I do but still acknowledge you still have to work with it after all?

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