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As A Girl You’ve Only Got A Second

“Look at it this way Kel.”

“At least for you?”

“You’ve got a whole minute!”

“Girls only have a second and they’re finished.”

“The odds really are in your favour.”

He had recently read my blog for the first time and had clearly digested much of what I have to say about attraction. How for guys it is all about how you look but with you girls, it is “sort of” about his character.

“As a guy you know in a second right?”

“You can even decide at a distance.”

“If she doesn’t look hot, it’s over and done.”

“You don’t even think about approaching her.”

For you girls it’s not quite as easy as that, because you need to interact with him to find out if he’s confident. Does he come off charming enough, and will he take the initiative to lead you?

But just like us?

It doesn’t take you long either.

If you don’t feel it quickly.

You also are done with us.

Once you tell yourself, “He’s not romantic potential?”

He is forever relegated to the friend zone.

The question I have to ask you now is this: Isn’t there something odd about seeing this as the way to start a relationship? Does it really make sense to have your love life determined by something that happens almost in an instance?

One thing you must see?

If it happens so fast?

It’s not based on anything of substance.

You don’t KNOW each other.

I’m sorry girls.

You cannot know “for sure” in a moment.

At least guys are honest about this and recognize the reality in their better moments. They know they are just sexually aroused, and it has nothing to do with love.

“The fantasy is strong with this one.”

So says the dating Yoda about you girls.

But will you listen to the Jedi master?

The force of “romantic love” is strong indeed.

The “chemistry” machine is always churning.

While I appreciated what my friend was saying to me, I still hold out for a better solution. I still believe there are a few girls left who will get to know me first, and allow love to develop SLOWLY.

Yes I know.

Ever the optimist am I.

I still have faith in human nature.

Not the nature your biology feeds.

Faith in your heart.

Your deepest yearning.

What do you say? Would you like to increase your odds of finding real love, by overcoming your addiction to attraction?

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