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Are You Sure He’s Not Ready For Love?

Contrary to what you girls think?

Most guys are ready for love.

To read what Anna Maria Jorgensen says though?

You’d think that’s just not true!

Anna says there are tons of reasons why a guy is not ready to love you. He may indeed be open to being in love, but if he’s not ready you can’t make him be.

What kinds of reasons make him not ready?

He may not yet have tasted enough flavors.

Until he does that?

He may be ready to accept love.

But he won’t be ready to love ONLY you.

Then there is that mission of his, and his need to feel he’s accomplishing it. You can tell him you’re proud all you want, but he needs to personally feel he’s on his way.

There is also the problem of prior relationships.

Is he on the rebound?

If so you better reign it in.

Until he clears the past?

He won’t be ready for you.

So should you do like Anna says, and make sure not to wait around for him? Should you keep yourself on the market, so he doesn’t head south on you?

Not at all!

What you need to recognize?

None of these things mean he can’t love you.

All these supposed obstacles?

They have nothing to do with love at all.

Romantic love is the desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that’s mutually shared and enjoyed. To do that, all either of you need is to value each other TODAY.

He doesn’t need to pick only your flavor.

You don’t need to do that either.

He doesn’t need to be “on his way.”

He just needs to be willing to share with you NOW.

Rebound or not?

As long as you both truly desire each other?

You can experience all love has to offer.

It doesn’t matter where either of you have been.

How about you? Can you see now that love has no obstacles, other than the ones you choose to put in the way of it, and are you ready to finally just open yourself up to it?

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