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Are You Really Making Love?

As you read the things I share here?

You may feel like you’re receiving mixed messages.

I talk about my lifestyle as a lovestyle.

How central to it making love is.

But what does it mean to really make love, and how do you know if you’re doing it? And if you decide you’re not doing it, then what do you change to finally make good on it?

The word “love” in English doesn’t help.

We use it for almost everything.

Last count I heard those ancient Greeks?

They used 7 different words to our ONE.

But if for love you substitute ROMANTIC love, now you can start to make progress. You can actually analyse that, to see the things it consists of.

Once you’ve broke it into its parts?

You can also analyze emotional connection.

You can analyze sexual fulfillment.

What it means to truly VALUE someone.

Making love is about all these things, and the special feeling you get when you combine them. When you truly value your partner for who they are, you desire them and want to share all of this and more with them.

This is why I say it all the time.

Making love is really a LIFESTYLE.

A lovestyle where emotionally fulfilling sex is central.

Where everything else flows from that.

The way you know you’re really making love, is when you are totally about your connection. When everything you do is for the full intention of nurturing that between you.

This doesn’t mean you’re together constantly though.

You realize that would be the death of it.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

So when you’re really making love, what you’re doing is protecting and preserving that feeling. You’re doing all the things lovers do, that keep your desire for each other blooming.

Making love is the total point.

It’s the meaning of Romantic Friendships.

Loving each other with an open hand.

Desiring to return to each other over and over.

How do you feel about this? Could making love really become your lifestyle too, as you learn to prioritize this over everything?

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