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Any Takers?

So I shared with you recently an experience of “disconnection.”

Truth is that same day?

I experienced another one too.

What was that?

I got kicked out of a Meetup group called “Extremely Shy – Looking For Friends.”



It’s one of the biggest meetup groups in Vancouver so I guess I did really good. What was my terrible crime? Apparently I was perceived as “flirting” with younger girls.

Girls who were grown adults of course.

But much younger than I am.

How terrible!

The reason I find the whole thing funny?

I don’t really flirt.

I just seek to get to know people and see where it goes.

As I told you before at the meetup in question, I met two girls and enjoyed getting to know both of them. I even invited one to another meetup and she came.

With the other girl?

I shared a wonderful afternoon dessert “adventure.

With neither of these girls did I “come on” to them.

I just sought to get to know them and share myself.

Am I open to “more” with them?

Of course.

I always am.

But only if we both find a real connection that we’re wanting.

The sad thing is I’m now actually wondering if it is these two girls themselves that expressed to the meetup organizer their “discomfort.”

They don’t seem to be replying to my texts now.

I guess we’ll see.

What is it about you girls?

You can’t hit these “uncomfortable” situations head on?

I don’t bite.

Tell me if you don’t want to interact with me.

Don’t go getting me kicked out of a meetup group, so I’m not allowed to have a social life. Of course avoiding the “difficult” conversation is always easier than adulting, isn’t it?

But I have to spot you one.

In today’s world?

You’re being taught you have to assume I’m a predator.

But then again, you DID experience me.

Saw I was nothing like that!

Maybe you could assume that will continue?

I’m not really ranting here, I’m just trying to share the challenges of really connecting these days. Just because I write about this stuff all the time, doesn’t mean my experience isn’t a lot like it is for you.

But I am truly thankful to God.

He has delivered me from my own personal disconnectedness.

Now real connection is what I desire.

Just gotta find me some takers!

What do you think? Is romantic love the most important thing to you as well, so you’re willing to go out there and take one for the team also?

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  1. David

    “They don’t seem to be replying to my texts now.”
    Perhaps show up at their door in the evening, when they are at the most lonely?

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