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Any Girl Who Will Go Home With You Isn’t The Girl You’re Looking For

I have another good one for you.

Once again from the annals of Project Rockstar.

If a girl won’t go home with you the very first night?

Apparently you’ve done something wrong.

The story the PR guys shared with us this time was the “pathetic” experience of a Nice Guy. He would chat it up with girls at the club, and they really enjoyed talking to him.

Sure, because this guy was fun?

The girls would “hang around” with him.

But then at the end of the night?

He would go home alone.

I have to be fair of course, because this guy WAS looking for a different outcome. So you would have to conclude he wasn’t a success given that.

If all you’re after is a one night stand?

All I can say is all power to you.

But if you want a real relationship?

That girl is not the girl for you.

From my perspective, if a girl would be willing to go home with me the very first night I met her? That would tell me all I needed to know about where she is coming from.

Sadly today in the dating world?

Things are inherently defective.

What it teaches you continually?

To get the cart before the horse.

When you start up front with sex, you’re not checking your “sexual compatibility.” What you’re doing is triggering emotions that are not based on who the two of you really are.

This is more confusing to girls.

They aren’t as good as us guys at compartmentalizing.

Even if they think they won’t?

They quickly emotionally bond with you.

Since most of my readers are into finding something more substantial? One way you can determine if a girl has potential, is whether she insists on taking it slow.

I’m not saying it has to take forever.

Just enough time to get to know each other.

Once you have that kind of emotional connection?

Sexual fulfillment now makes sense.

What do you think? Am I just an outdated traditionalist here suggesting you take your time getting to know her, or is this actually the fast lane to something really good?

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