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Analyzing The Bad Boy Thing


There is so much good stuff in this article?

I don’t even know where to start with it.

Guess I’ve got a blog post series brewing here!

The article is called Do Assholes Really Finish First? and it seeks to understand the allure of the Bad Boy. What is it about this guy that attracts so many of you girls?

Let me start with one important point.

One the author draws from another writer.

In an article called Nice Guys Are From Uranus?

Amy Alkon says it’s only OVERLY Nice Guys who lose.

As you know I spent several posts insisting being a Nice Guy isn’t the problem. I also insisted the Bad Boys are really just over doing Nice Guy traits as well.

Good to see a few other people agree!

Recognizing there’s nothing wrong with being a Nice Guy.

But being insecure and needy?

That’s gonna come back to bite you.

But there are many other themes that this Psychology Today piece has to offer. Though the author doesn’t come to concrete conclusions about Bad Boys, he does provide a lot of clues.

Long-term mating strategies?

Versus short-term opportunities?

The value of agreeableness?

And when that can go wrong?

And then of course there is also the question of how you define dating/mating success in the first place. A lot of what determines your answer to this question, is your ultimate goal.

Then there is the evolutionary biology view.

What is the gene pool expecting?

What makes it favor the Bad Boy traits?

But still include the Nice Guy traits also?

As you can see, my main goal in this post isn’t to get into any of these things in detail. Instead, I’m trying to wet your appetite, and get you thinking about this whole thing before I do.

The author finished by admitting it though.

He doesn’t understand the allure of the Bad Boy.

But since everybody finds this question so intriguing?

He hopes the psychology researchers will come through on it eventually.

How about you? Have you spent any time trying to understand the the Bad Boy phenomenon, and has his “success” with girls ever confused you?

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