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An Experience Of Disconnection

I had an experience the other night

I had just popped out for some groceries.

When I came back home?

I encountered a girl in the elevator at my place.

She seemed a fairly timid girl who was cute and a little bit taller than me. That never intimidates me at all. I just request they wear high heels when we’re out together!

All joking aside.

I thought she seemed attractive.

I did my usual, “So how is your day going?”

She replied, “Good and you?”

I said, “Good.”

Then I said, “Another Friday evening in Yaletown. You going out or staying in?” She said, “Staying in. How about you?” I said, “Me too.”

That was it.

But I really wished it could go further.

I wanted to ask what she does with it.

You know.

Staying in?

I thought if she told me when she stays in like this, that what she does is watch a movie? Then I could make a pitch to share a movie night with me.

What’s is sad though?

It is the fact this would be such a terrible thing.

Her perception of me if I did this?

I would probably seem threatening.

It really makes me sad, because we’re all so disconnected. We all really wish this was not the case, yet we do everything we can to keep it that way.

Of course?

She can’t know.

Know that I’m totally safe.

I’m NOT a predator.

I don’t really have an answer to this conundrum, though I continue to seek to find it. Until I do, I guess this endless separation will continue.

Nothing profound else to share.

Just wanted to share my heart with you.

Show you I am human too.

Like you I wish it was easier.

What do you think? Is there a way past the social separation we all seem so determined to perpetuate?

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