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Am I Just Not Playing By The Rules?

In a previous post I talked about love.

Suggested you girls know nothing about it.

Expressed my frustrations with you.

The way you constantly write me off.

What I want to do now though is address a potential objection. Is it truly the case that you’re the ones who aren’t “getting it” or am I actually the one who’s clueless?

I was with a girl discussing this once.

She and I experienced huge initial attraction.

She insisted while you girls are playing soccer?

I’m wanting you to play basketball.

What she meant of course is I’m wanting you to approach love more logically but since you are emotional creatures I need to play by the rules YOU are functioning by.

Many of my guy’s dating coach friends?

They would say something similar.

“You have to start by stirring attraction first.”

“Only later can you move towards love.”

And of course it is completely true that I am approaching this whole thing very logically. But what I’m not doing is being illogical about that.

The reasoning these coaches are offering?

It only leads to infatuation.

It is a dead end street ultimately.

Attraction does NOT lead to love.

The only way you can ultimately love someone for the long run is if you learn to curb the attraction distraction and instead take the time to build DEPTH with them from the start.

The fact you girls don’t think you can do this?

It has nothing to do with being emotional creatures.

It has to do with your DNA.

What it has in mind for you ISN’T love.

But you CAN come to see this.

Since I’ve experienced love with girls without having to sweep them off their feet I know this is also possible for you. And when they fell in love with me there was nothing unemotional about it so it won’t be unemotional for you either.

The difference though when they fell in love?

They fell in love with me as a PERSON.

They didn’t fall in love with some intensity I caused.

They fell in love with who I actually was.

That made all the difference!

What do you say now? Is my “problem” really that I’m just trying to get you girls to play by my rules instead of your rules or is it that we all need to understand that nature’s rules aren’t going to get us what we want?

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