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Am I Just A Relationship Dyslexic?

“Kel, at times you sound like a men’s rights activist.”

“Other times you sound like a ‘pussy.'”

“At times you sound like you’re REALLY sex positive.”

“Then you turn around and sound like a prude to me.”

If you hang around here any length of time you might just think I’m a relationship dyslexic. Can’t this guy even decide which side of the fence he’s on?

First I’m telling a guy to be more emotionally connective.

In the next breath I’m telling you to quit shaming him he’s sexual.

I tell you romantic love should be your purpose.

Then I turn around and say you should forget about “commitment.”

What the heck am I actually TRYING to say?

Could I just make up my mind already?!!

Despite what you think I’m not nearly as confused as much of what I say here makes me sound. There is a consistent means to my madness you can definitely discern beneath the surface if you’re paying attention.

The first thing you need to understand?

A blog post is a tiny thing.

I can’t ever tell you everything I wish I could.

So I have to focus on a single thought with it.

Often even a single person I’m writing to.

And even when I’m writing to you?

You rarely ever listen.

Or if you don’t need the advice I’m writing that day?

You take it to heart and start worrying you’re dropping the ball.

Alas this is the nature of the medium I have chosen and there is not much I can do to help it. Instead I just keep chipping away one blog post at a time. Speaking to those who have “ears to hear” and hoping you’ll be one of them.

But the reason I sound completely confused?

I’m beating against YOUR confusion.

The messages you receive about love every day?

They are fundamentally flawed.

Even when you agree with me you don’t really.

Because I’m not saying what you want to hear or are expecting.

Until you are ready to truly change your love life for the better, you will always find what I’m saying frustrating or more likely downright offensive.

You’ll perceive me as always being negative.

Or as not truly respecting girls like I say I do.

But it’s only because that’s all your failed paradigm lets you hear.

As long as those emotional chains are there?

You’ll always be unable to catch my meaning.

What causes those chains?

Two things really.

Biological and societal programming.

Until you are willing to take control of your love life your DNA and peer group will always win. You will remain the slave of what you’re told to do instead of choosing what will actually WORK for you.

Again and again I refer to the facts.

But you insist those are other people’s statistics.

It’s all going to work out in YOUR case you see?

Because YOUR love life is completely different.


Because that’s what you’ve been programmed to believe.

But I know it’s not going to work out for you either.

So I keep calling and hoping you’ll listen to me.

That this crazy dyslexic relationship consultant will finally make sense to you.

What do you think? Am I really just completely out of my mind and confused or am I here being your much needed seer?

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