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Am I A Chameleon Or Do You Just Hear What You Want To?

It always amuses me.

When I see people’s reactions?

How you take what I tell you here?

It’s really not up to me.

I have one friend who is very big on evolutionary biology. Because he believes you are a slave to nature he sees me telling you to just go with it.

Another friend I have?

He’s more into the pickup scene.

What does he see me encouraging?

I’m showing you how to get with girls.

Not to leave my female friends out I’m thinking of one girl in particular. She see’s what I’m primarily about is achieving a more personally developed relationship life.

Still others?

They see me channeling INCEL energy.

I’m all about those discouraged boys.

The ones who feel so mistreated by you girls.

Then there are those who are totally convinced I’m promoting polyamory. After all I have a whole category section with lots of articles devoted to just that.

But then in the midst of all this?

I have articles about really connecting.

But then I’m against commitment.

I talk about not getting physical.

But then I talk about making love.

If you read a lot of my blog here you will probably think I’m just a chameleon. At any given moment I’m telling you exactly what you want to hear.

The truth is though?

The reason you think that?

It’s because of the paradigm you’re using.

Everything I write?

You see it through the filter you bring along.

At the very beginning of this blog I gave you the key to unlock it’s secrets. If you read and master my first three blog posts you will understand everything else.

First understand what romantic love is.

Then understand it is your purpose.

See that you can love anyone this way.

Then go out and create a lifestyle where you do.

What do you think? Am I really so mysterious and complicated or is it that you have yet to step out of your way of seeing things to understand all this the way I do?

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