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All I Want To Do Is Make Love

People raise their eyebrows.

When I share with them my purpose?

I guess it’s understandable.

Not everybody sees things the way I do.

Usually I start out by asking if they have read the book called The 4-Hour Work Week. This is the classic banner child book of what is known as the Lifestyle Design movement.

What is lifestyle design you ask?

It’s a way of approaching everything.

Instead of letting your career decide how you live?

How you want to live guides your career choices.

So often you pick your career first, and then find out what lifestyle that will give you. With lifestyle design you switch that up by picking your lifestyle first, and then figuring out how to finance it.

I read Ferris’ book many years ago.

Little did I know how it would impact me.

It started me on the road to minimalism.

I just didn’t realize how minimal a lifestyle I’d get to.

So yeah. People do raise their eyebrows when I tell them I want to design a lifestyle where making love is central, and everything else flows from that.

When I say this?

Naturally they think it’s all about sex.

My answer?


But not in the sense you’re imagining.

Sex is one of two important parts of making love actually.

I’ve told you here that romantic love is about sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection. It is only when you are experiencing BOTH these things, that you’re truly making love the way I mean it.

Emotional connection grows in subtle ways.

Recreational companionship.

Intimate conversation.

Expressing your affection for each other in all the things you do.

When this kind of emotional connection is happening, the most natural thing in the world is to desire to share sexual fulfillment. Sex becomes the full expression of the connection you’re both feeling.

That’s what I want.

A life where making love like THAT is central.

Where every other aspect of my life?

It contributes to this kind of romantic connection.

How about you? Could you see redesigning your lifestyle so that this kind of love making life also becomes your experience, and if you can see yourself doing this then what are you waiting for?

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