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Alcohol Won’t Make You Better

“I’m trying to reduce my number of drinks.”

“I want to quit relying on alcohol as a crutch.”

What was the context he was talking about?

His social anxiety in meeting girls.

To keep this in perspective, this is a guy with lots of experience. Every time he and I catch up for a coffee, he is telling me about his latest adventures meeting girls.

But even though he can GET with girls?

He’s realizing something is missing.

What’s missing in the interchange is HIM.

When he’s meeting them?

He’s not completely being himself.

Maybe you feel the same way about this, and don’t think you can approach girls free of the influence. I want to tell you right now you CAN, and the sooner you do so the better things will be.


Because then you’ll know she’s really into you.

Not just into “pretend you.”

If she gets attracted without the alcohol in the way?

She’s likes you for who you actually are.

As I’ve told you many times romantic love is all about VALUING your partner. If you don’t present her with who you really are, then who do you think she’s going to want to get with?

Then as you spend more time with her?

She will slowly become disappointed.

And shouldn’t she?

What you sold her was a bill of goods.

I’m not a guy who “gets with girls” constantly on a regular basis. But one thing I can tell you? The relationships I have are exceptionally good, because the girls I’m with love ME.

One of the ways I filter girls?

I try to be myself completely with them.

If they can’t fall in love with who I actually am?

They are not somebody I want to be with.

In order to do this of course, you need to become as outcome independent as you can be. You need to really come to the place where you simply do not care.

Caring is for the girls who bite.

No guys.

Not that way!

It’s for the girls who truly invest in YOU.

Those are the ones who get your heart!

What do you think? Is it time to remove that crutch and give up on the artificial stimulants, so you can finally really get out there and discover the girls who want YOU for you?

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