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Age Inappropriateness Is A Myth

I just rewatched a movie last night

Even though the time I first watched it was very recent.

What movie is that you ask?

It’s called Liberal Arts and takes place at college.

The movie begins when a 30 something college grad returns to his Alam Mater. While he is there he encounters a female sophomore student who goes by the nickname “Zibby.”

Elizabeth is 19 years old.

Our protaganist Jesse is 35.

Because of this, what the movie is about?

The question of “age appropriateness.”

Despite their age differences Zibby and Jesse find themselves falling in love. “I’m not sure if it’s because you’re advanced,” he says, “…or because I am stunted.”

Zibby assures him,

“It’s because I’m advanced.”

Jesse retorts,

“Well…I am a little bit stunted.”

From everything I could see though, the first was actually the case. When Jesse heads back home, Zibby shares with him a mix of the great composers. This wonderful music becomes the basis of their ongoing correspondence.

Why did I recently rewatch this one?

Because I just had my own Zibby “encounter.”

I met a girl who was a sophomore herself.

And just like Jesse, I became totally enamored.

My Zibby was also very advanced, and someone I could definitely see having a romantic friendship with. To me it is never a question of “age appropriateness.” It is whether you experience a mutual connection.

So does this girl know that I feel this way?

No, unfortunately.

We just didn’t have sufficient time.

But she did follow me on IG before getting away on me.

Whether anything further ever comes of that, my short experience with her was my personal Liberal Arts microcosm. I came to love this 20 something girl I met and she will always be in my affections.

For now though my Zibby?

She becomes another of my loves.

A girl who wrapped herself around my heart.

Added to the love that gives my life meaning.

How about you? Could you see yourself developing an “age inappropriate” connection like this, and would you be open to letting it happen?

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