About Me

Hi there! My name is Kel Good. I’m your host and hopefully helpful reflector on all things relationship.

If I were you I’d be asking why  should you care what I have to say on this subject? So I guess I better give you some background!

Like many other people I’m a person who has had a few relationships in my day including a long term monogamous marriage relationship of many years. I left that relationship in 2014.

Obviously that part of my story is hardly unique. Divorce statistics put the marriage break up rate at around 50% for most countries around the world. That’s a pretty significant number and will be the subject of many blog posts I write here. I’m very interested in why that is and what we should think about it.


So how did I come to writing about and helping with relationships? Well, in 2010 I experienced a relationship crisis. I found out my partner was debating staying with me for the long run or not.

As is the case with most guys, this revelation was a total blindside. Thankfully though this two-by-four to the head began a process of self-evaluation and growth that has been going on since that time.

I’m in a better place now than I have ever been. In fact that experience and the ensuing growth that followed impacted me so completely there really is nothing as important to me now.


In trying to understand myself I’ve studied relationship options extensively, seeking out both scientific and esoteric sourceswestern and eastern experiences and thoughts. I’ve explored the science of attraction and what forms of love life lead to deep emotional bonding. I’ve studied sexuality and how this element of our lives relates to emotional connection. I’ve even ventured into the international dating scene of cross cultural and cross generational relationships. So I’ve covered this subject with a depth and breadth not often found.

The result is a unique synergy of knowledge and experience that’s all my own. I’m pretty sure if you stick around and read what I have to say I’ll stretch your cerebrals at a minimum, and hopefully impact your love life for the better too!


This won’t come easy. For me it will mean being as honest as I can about myself and my own experiences and learning in this area. This self exposure will be challenging for me at times. Historically I’ve been a very private person and disliked the Internet for its intrusiveness.

Now I’m going to put myself out there and be as brutally honest as I can. I’m willing to do this because I believe you need somebody who is willing to actually talk about these things. Usually nobody does. No wonder we can’t figure out how to make sex and emotional connection work!

It won’t come easy for you either. I’m going to tell you things you don’t want to hear and challenge your beliefs and unconscious programming. Things you’ve been taking for granted. There are reasons why your relationships are such a mess and I do believe there are things you can do about it. But to do so you have to rethink and decide what’s important to you. Are you going to do what you’re told by society and your biology, or take matters into your own hands?

I vote for the second option and I hope you do too. Nobody but you are responsible for your personal happiness. If you don’t take care of yourself nobody else will. You can change your relationship life for the better. But you have to work to achieve it.

So I welcome you here to my thoughts about how to do relationships. If I can help you personally I hope you’ll reach out to me too.

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So welcome again. Let’s have some fun!