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A Year Of New Beginnings

So 2023 was quite the year!

Though it started in 2022 for me.

A dear old friend of mine took ill.

Last April he up and “left” me.

Needless to say the time from April 28, 2022 when I discovered him “confused,” to when he passed away on April 27, 2023 is quite a blur for me. Even since then, coming down off it all for the rest of 2023, has left me pretty dizzy.

This year too I’ll be finishing up.

Settling his estate for him.

Making sure his son receives his reward.

Everything his dad left him.

So what else is due here in 2024, as we raise our glasses to the New Year? I’m looking to God for wonderful things, and as always counting on his blessing!

I’m headed for big change financially.

I’m starting a new business!

This one will be in the affiliate marketing world.

I’m praying God will grant me abundance!

Assuming he does? I hope to make good on a thought I’ve expressed before regarding my love life. I have a lot of girls I care about throughout the world, and I’d love to go and see them!


The USA.


Even Australia.

So many loves and so little time, but I hope to make it a habit in the future to visit all of them. And who knows who else I’ll meet along the way as I’m wandering?

But my fundamentals?

They haven’t changed.

Romantic love?

To me it’s still what I’m after!

Ever since that fateful day I found out my long term partner was thinking of leaving me? I did a turnaround so fundamental that now enjoying love with whoever I experience it, is the only thing that really matters to me.

Business is just utility.

A way to pay for my lifestyle.

And subject always to the will of God?

I will continue to practice what I’m preaching!

And of course…report to you!

How about you? What does 2024 represent in terms of changing your life now, and will you join me in making romantic love the main thing that you care about?

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