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A Tale Of Three Girlfriends

This one is kind of funny.

I really don’t know why I haven’t shared it before.

No it’s not a tale about three of MY girlfriends.

But three girls who are friends with each other.

What is funny here is that I’ve actually approached ALL THREE of them to see if they would be open to exploring a connection.

When I approached the first girl?

I didn’t know the other two.

So there was no clear connection between them.

I just met her at a planning meeting.

I was immediately impressed with her.

Yep she was cute and quite a bit younger than me but it genuinely was her maturity that made me desire to know her more.

We had connected through Facebook.

So I messaged her.

I didn’t hear back forever.

I usually take that as a sign.

On I went with my life.

Can’t do for others what they won’t do for themselves, so I’ve learned not to even try. I just put myself out there and let the chips fall!

In the meantime I noticed another cute girl.

She is very dynamic and entrepreneurial.

She spoke at a ManTalks event.

I messaged her the next day.

Told her I appreciated her talk.

Much later I wrote this blog post and sent her the link because she was one of the ones who inspired it.

She wrote me back.

Said it was brilliant.

Since then?

I’ve tried to connect with her off and on.

Again she is young and cute but what really draws me to her is the maturity and growth I see in her. She talks about emotional healing in her area of expertise, just like I do about overcoming porn addiction.

The third girl?

She is also another mature creature.

But she has struggled in her relationship life.

When I noticed she was recently single?

And since I had her on my radar?

I pursued getting to know her too.

Tried to get her out to a movie.

Even a coffee once.

Yet again it was a no go show.

By this time the plot had thickened though, as I started to notice on Facebook these three girls were all close friends. I could just imagine what kind of conversations might be happening about my cross friend pursuits!

One thing you can definitely say?

My dating life is interesting.

I imagine you’re wondering though.

How did this intriguing web I was weaving turn out?

I’m a really long game guy so I never write anyone off, whether or not I’ve ever had a relationship with them. I just pursue what looks worthy of pursuit and see where my pathway leads!

The first girl eventually expressed concerns.

Thought I was a too much older guy.

Funny considering the second girl?

She really liked my age difference post.

The third girl eventually unfriended me.

But not because of my expressed interest.

It was in response to a blog post on spiritual things.

I published that one on my philosophical theology blog.

So nothing has really developed with any of these girls, largely because none of them has taken the time to get to know me.

I know I push paradigms.

The age thing for sure.

But I’m also not typical for a guy.

I’m not “out for sex.”

I think friendship comes first.

I’m open to connection developing.

What do you think guys? Would you be confident enough to pursue three girlfriends at the same time and see where those chips might fall?

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