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A Reflection From My 2019 Journal

Approaching the end of the year?

I usually review my journal.

Read through the things I wrote.

It helps me reflect on the previous year.

This year so far one passage stood out to me in particular. It had to do with how I approach my love life and how I seek to be with girls, so I thought I’d share some “clips” with you.

“I’m here to love girls.”

“Those who will open up to me.”

“They may come and go but if they do?”

“That will be their choice not mine.”

“All I can do is put myself out there and extend my love to them. I’m not in control of their responses and I don’t need to be. I just need to learn more and more to open my heart to them.”

“Truly express what I see.”

“What I desire.”

“Allow it all to unfold.”

Come what may.”

“I’m so glad I expressed how I really felt about Carmen – that I think she’s completely gorgeous. I’m glad on the weekend I told Aya I think she’s cute. I’m glad I told Leyla she looked beautiful on Saturday.”

Girl by girl more and more?”

“I am sharing my heart.”

“Can they handle it?”

“Often not.”

“Girls are nothing but resistance.”

“Their own emotional wounding makes them closed and protective all the time. Because they’ve been hurt by guys or at least they think they have.”

“They also are raised to fear guys.”

“So they don’t easily open up their hearts.”

“Too afraid of being hurt.”

“Won’t allow themselves to feel love again.”

“Or feel it for the first time.”

“And here I am this crazy guy trying to revolutionize this situation! Trying to get people to open up to love and quit putting all these barriers in its way.”

“God is good.”

“God is with me.”

“God will win the battle.”

“All I need to do?”

“Continue to follow where he leads.”

So what do you think? Is 2020 the year where you will finally put yourself out there and find your way to someone special who desires romantic love too?

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