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A Lot Of My Facebook Girl Friends Are Sheepish

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A Facebook girl friend of mine today?

She shared a meme about sheep (okay lamas).

I commented, “Feeling a bit sheepish are you?”

I know.

I’m such a charmer!

She replied with a cute blushing “sticker.”

This girl is a real sweetie!

I wish I could say my luck was as good with all of my Facebook female friends. Many of them I’ve never met in person, but I really would like to.

Silly me?

I have this crazy idea.

Why don’t I just ask them?

So I write them through Facebook Messenger.

“Why don’t we catch coffee?” I say.

“It would be really nice to meet you!”

I did this just the other day and what do you suppose the response was? “Oh Kel that would be fun?” Nope! It was actually quite the opposite.

“Well, actually I don’t know anything about you.”

I’m thinking, “My Facebook profile is completely public.”

“What brought you to my Facebook page?”

“It’s still a mystery why you decided to follow.”

My reply was off the cuff, “Haha. Well I just offered you a chance to solve the mystery!” The reply back was, “LOL, Well I have a partner and not going on blind dates for an unknown purpose.”

And there is was!

As it always is.

The great fear of girls who are monogamous.

The fear that if they meet with a guy?

They are in danger of betraying their partner.

I talked about this a while ago when I made another such attempt to meet someone. Since I have lots of in person female friends, I just don’t think twice about adding to them.

“Haha. Coffee is a date is it?” I said.

“Well in English isn’t that inclusive?”

This girl is Ukrainian so I’ll spot her that.

Then she asked, “Don’t even girls call it that?”

“We call it a date when we hang out together.”

“Well I can’t vouch for how you girls use the term. but I usually think of a date as having romantic intentions. I’m just interested in getting to know you, so I wouldn’t use that terminology.”

And that was where it ended I guess.

At least so far, because I haven’t heard back from her.


Because apparently she can’t risk male friendship.

Or maybe I’m a scary male predator!

Wouldn’t want a coffee shop crime scene, now would we!

What do you think? Is it completely unrealistic of me to think that a girl could just be open to getting to know someone?

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  1. David

    Maybe she thought you were going to pitch her an MLM deal?

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