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A Guy Isn’t Into You If He Doesn’t Even Know You

I was out for a walk with a girl I was interested in.

No, not romantically yet.

Still just at the stage of friendship.

I was getting to know her.

But per usual for her as a girl?

It had to be one of the other.

My challenge with you girls is you always approach the situation one of two ways. You’re either “into” me or you just want to be “friends.” Since I don’t go all in as being “into” you yet, you immediately put me in the friend zone.

At one point this girl did too when she said,

“I really like our friendship.”

When I tried to be clear I have attraction for her?

She interpreted it as being “upfront about my intentions.”

My problem with that is at this point I don’t HAVE any intentions. What I’m really trying to do is just get to know you. Of course I’m open to things moving forward from there, but I don’t want to “go there” prematurely.

But to her I was saying I was “into her” already.

And in honesty?

By indicating some attraction?

I WAS attempting to circumvent this friend zone thing.

But to her what my indicating attraction meant?

She had to cut it off quick since, “I don’t feel mutual attraction.”

We even talked about this during our walk, and I told her I think you girls move too quickly to denying any “romantic potential.” I told her unless you feel a real abhorance toward a guy, you can’t really be sure of that, without first getting to know him.

You’re not “feeling it” right now?

No problem!

That comes in time.


When you start to truly appreciate the PERSON

But of course in typical girl fashion? Nope. I can already tell it will “never go there.” Which is why you guys always end up in the friend zone with girls unfortunately.

You’re getting to know her.

Seeing where your connection leads.

Thinking as she gets to know you?

She could fall in love with you.


She just won’t go there.


It’s either “happening for me now or it never will.” Again I can understand this if you’re just disgusting to her. Otherwise? She is dismissing you prematurely. But that’s what they do. And they ALL do.

What do the Pickup Up Artists say?

Head for the bedroom!

Get her hooked by using sex as quick as you can!

THEN decide what to do with her.

How about it girls? Is our only choice to drive things to sex with you as quickly as possible, or will you quit writing us off as not “romantic potential” and actually get to know us first?

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