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A Girl’s Body Is Like An Instrument And Making Love Is Learning How To Play It

I remember the early days of my long term relationship.

My partner would tell me how you could make love with each other for hours.

I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

It only takes a a couple minutes for a guy to get off.

Back in those days my premature ejaculation problem caused by being a porn addict guaranteed I couldn’t even offer her that long!

Wouldn’t it just become boring to stick around for hours?

What would you actually do for all that time?

It’s so embarrassing to me now.

I didn’t understand the difference between “having sex” and making love.

I didn’t know what making love actually was.

If you’re like most guys, probably you don’t either.

If you’re a typical western guy you think the goal of sex is orgasm.

Don’t feel bad.

You’re in good company.

Because most of your buddies think this too.

Judging from all the “locker room banter” they share with you.

I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but you and your buddies have got things all wrong.

There is an amazing world out there you haven’t even begun to explore.

Making love is like playing an instrument. And your girl’s body is that instrument.

Remember that John Meyer song You’re Body Is A Wonderland?

There’s a hint in there.

The first shift you need to make is this idea you have about what the goal is.

What is the goal of playing an instrument?

You might say “To get to the end of the song?”

I’m pretty sure even you know that makes no sense.

The “goal” of playing an instrument is simply the experience of playing it. It is making beautiful music!

When you listen to a song, you’re not waiting for it to end, you’re enjoying it while it’s happening.

That’s what making love with your girl should be like.

You should be exploring her body to see what kind of music you will ellicit from it today.

Did you notice I said today?

That was quite deliberate.

Because your girl’s body never responds the same way twice. On any given day you will bring forth a totally different song from her.

If you try to make love like it should always be the same, you will see your love life wither.

Your girl’s body has receptors all over it.

On any given day, a different form of caress will produce a different response from her.

She will never be the same way twice.

And what “worked” yesterday will not necessarily “work” today.

This will only get you frustrated, if you think your goal is to give her an orgasm.

It’s not.

Your goal should be to bring forth her music and help her experience the pleasure of her song.

When you take the time to do this, she will want you.

She will beg you to enter her.

She will writhe beneath you in ecstatic enjoyment and never want you to stop.

When you experience this from your girl, you will know you have become a good lover.

I wish this for you.

Is what I’m talking about completely foreign to you?

Are you like I was?

A guy who can’t last longer than two minutes and has no idea what making love really is.

You can change!

I know this because I did!

You can become a great lover for your girl too.

I’ll help you learn. Contact me and we’ll get started today!

What do you think? Is it time to learn how to play that special instrument of yours?

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