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A Funny Thing Happened In A Meetup Group (Part 2)

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Well I’m getting pretty good at this.


I was kicked out of another one!

The common denominator?

It seems to be the “younger” Asian girls.

Apparently they are REALLY fragile.

This time it was an English Language meetup whose location was very convenient. They meet at a coffee shop close to my place, and I was really enjoying the experience.

What do I do when I’m at these things?

Largely I try to mingle.

I speak with both girls and guys.

I’m there to help them with their English.

I took a CELTA course back in 2014, that was all about teaching English as a second language. Since that time I’ve tried to frequent meetups like this, because I enjoy helping people who are learning.

But apparently just like in Part 1?

A couple of the girls got “uncomfortable.”

The terminology this time though?

I was perceived as being “socially aggressive.”

I suspect I’m experiencing some cultural translation issues here, because just like before I can’t think of anything I did to give this impression.

In each case now?

The best explanation I have?

It’s not just that they are Asian.

But visiting here briefly from THEIR culture.

Probably I’m underestimating the conservatism of these cute Asian girls I’m encountering. North America is so far past all that, I’m not appreciating the shock I must be to their systems.

As best as I can tell?

I really had some nerve!

What did I do?

I messaged to see if they’d like to get together.

You can’t get more socially aggressive than that apparently, when you’re interacting with a girl from a traditional Asian culture!

The other common denominator though?

It’s meetup organizers who feel they have to play “daddy.”

Stay tuned.

It’s clearly time to work on “cold approach” now.

I need to permanently eliminate the “middle man.”

What do you think? Is it “socially aggressive” to express interest in someone, and see if they would like to get to know you?

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