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A Funny Thing Happened In A Facebook Group

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I join a lot of Facebook groups.

Many of them have to do with relationships.

I like to hang out where people are discussing these things.

Both to learn as well as to contribute.

If I meet someone interesting?

That is a bonus!

A funny thing happened this week to me though and it is the first time it’s ever happened. I was actually kicked out of the group I was in because apparently I went “too far.”

“You Kel?”

“Go too far?”

I know.

It’s just not imaginable is it?


I admit.

I like to push the envelope just a bit!

This was a group of 35+ year old guys and girls who like to mingle. The purpose of the group is to provide a platform where people interested in meeting the opposite sex can do so.

The discussions in the group were varied.

They were always quite lively.

They discussed things like where to date.

When to kiss.

Age gaps.

And what to do with “maybes.”

Maybes are people for whom you don’t feel “that spark.”

Should you give up or continue to see them?

I don’t always do it but in this particular group I decided to be quite OVERT about my polyamory. It just seemed to me there was a particular flare I could add this time by really being up front and out with it.

A few people found this interesting.

More than a little intriguing.

Of course to some of the members?

My answers to questions were quite confusing.

One guy even asked me at one point,

“If you’re in a happy relationship what are you doing here?”

My reply?

“I’m polyamorous!”

One evening in particular the discussions were really flying. Many of the girls were insisting they needed a relationship near their age with someone they could settle down with.

Since they were clearly past the point of kids?

I tried to encourage them to experiment more.

Keep themselves open to possibilities.

Just let love find them.

Quit applying all these restrictions.

My interest perked when one of the girls suddenly wrote, “I can tell if I’m attracted to someone almost right away but that really doesn’t mean much to me. I want to take time getting to know someone before I decide about them.”

Based on what I write here all the time?

Needless to say she got my interest.

I told her, “You’re a rare one!” with a smile emoji.

Another guy also agreed with what she was saying.

He likes to take time getting to know each other first.

To determine if someone is a keeper.

I told this guy, “What I’m after is romantic friendship” and he asked me if I was hitting on him. I laughed and assured him, “Not to worry. Last I checked I’m quite heterosexual!”

A few minutes later the original girl commented,

“Don’t you mean romantic friendships?” (with a wink)

Of course she was emphasizing the PLURAL part.

Returning her wink I said, “You’re a quick study!”

She gave me another wink in return.

Anytime a girl has this kind of obvious wit?

She definitely has my attention.

After reviewing her profile and liking what I saw I decided to clearly indicate my interest. I told her if she’d like to coach me on how to get to her in Abbotsford by train I would happily make the journey.

She gave me a big laugh emoji reaction then.

I told her that wasn’t the response I expected.

Then I thought, “Hmmm. Maybe she doesn’t want to accept publicly.”

I told her to private message me if she wanted to.

Right at that point is when it happened and I didn’t even get to read her response to me. Suddenly whatever link I clicked on for the group, Facebook informed me the content was not available!

What I realized very quickly?

My group membership must have been deleted.

Fortunately I still had this girl’s profile open in my browser.

I messaged her that I’d just been punted.

She sent me a screen shot of her further reply.

She wasn’t laughing at my invitation.

She knew I’d get lost if she coached me with directions!


Once again very witty!

She and I continued our chat for a while and had a really fun interaction. As I write this we have plans to connect after her next crazy week is finished.

Why was I kicked off?

I’m really not sure.

This girl said she knew the admins are pretty conservative.

I told her, “I guess I don’t come across conservative eh?” (wink emoji again)

She replied, “Umm…nope!!!”

So yeah.

A funny thing DID happened in a Facebook group.

It’s looking like it was the group’s loss though.

And my gain.

So needless to say I’m delighted!

How about you? Are you at the point where you’re willing to really put yourself out there so somebody who likes what they see can find you?

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