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A Funny Thing Happened In A Facebook Group (Part 2)

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If this keeps happening?

I’m likely to develop a complex.


I’m used to being the guy who’s ideas are a hard pill to swallow!

But I have to admit this one caught me off guard because the owner of this group had been friendly. When I asked him if it was okay to share links to my blog posts he told me he didn’t have a problem at all.

He knew where I was coming from.

It was all good.

I told him he was unlike other group owners.

People get uptight if you “self promote.”

He said his group has a lot of great coaches in it.

But today for some reason the earth shifted and I found myself effectively jettisoned. All I did was comment on a post he added and suddenly he thought I was looking for attention.

What had I commented on?

This video by Jordan Peterson.

What did I say?

I said, “I’m always amused by this kind of either/or thinking.”

In this video Peterson addresses the question of what to do if sex is readily available to you. Even though promiscuity might be an option he thinks you should still opt for monogamy.

The group owner said, “I didn’t post this for you.”

“I posted it because most guys here will resonate with it.”

I said, “I know. I’m just commenting on it.”

Then true to form?

He posted a gif.

“Look at me! Look at me!” it taunted.

I replied by telling him, “That’s just silly. What guys are resonating with has an 80% failure rate. I care about that which is why I write about it on my blog all the time.

Then he said, “Right. Keep your opinions on your blog.”

“I respect it…but it doesn’t belong here.”

What did I do?

Despite his clear LACK of respect?

I respected it was HIS group and left it.

Yes. Yes. I know.

Why do I try?

My first thought was, “I’ll just enjoy my love life and to hell with everybody.”

But then I remembered the few people who listen that I’ve been able help. Time to “turn the other cheek,” “shake the dust off my feet” and move on to find someone else who’ll listen.

The reason I write all that I do?

You are the ONLY reason!

I don’t need you to believe me to enjoy my own love life.

I just don’t want you to suffer like you do.

If you are going to enjoy a love life that’s richer than most then you’ve got to do things differently. You’ve got to do things that really make sense of the way you’re wired psychologically.

How do you do that?

Instead of opting for sex?

Or opting for commitment?

Opt for Romantic Friendships!

It really is the relationship option for the 21st Century!

How about you? Are you going to keep seeking love the way you resonate with or are you going to recognize that’s just your outdated programming talking?

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