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A Different Kind Of Speed Dating

Well I have to admit it.

I was caught off guard.

A Facebook friend of mine is an event planner.

She was putting on a speed dating event.


She’s frustrated with her own love life.

It seems she’s done a lot of dating through the dating apps, and found it very discouraging. Instead of finding a match that makes sense for her, she keeps ending up meeting “losers.”

But not now it seems.

She’s had an epiphany.

Her event has the answer

As you might suspect?

My skeptic senses were tingling.

I listened to her Facebook live to do reconnaissance.

When I did, it took me by surprise, even though at first I didn’t think so. It sounded like the typical mix and mingle, in hopes of immediately finding “true love.”



All of that?

You can create that in an instant.

But how to create real connection?

That’s something that takes INVESTMENT over time.

The part I can’t comment on without attending her event, is her own unique facilitating. It sounds like she’s putting her own spin to things, and adding something totally her in the middle.

But after that?

If you are interested in someone?

You head to the lounge.

Then go through the 36 questions.

I was only vaguely aware of this 36 Questions concept, having heard of it incidentally. I immediately thought, “Oh here we go again. We’re going to ‘fall in love’ in 20 minutes.”

I thought this, because that’s the claim.

These are 36 questions to fall in love with someone.

But when I researched it?

Reviewed the questions themselves?

I immediately recognized something.

What the questions attempt to do, is accelerate the process of actually getting to KNOW someone. If you’ve hung around here that should sound quite familiar, because I insist that is always REAL love’s precursor.

So what I found myself thinking?

Cudos to my friend!

She might just be on to something.

No, I don’t believe you can fall in love that quick.

But this is definitely headed in the right direction.

As I reviewed the questions and some commentary online though, I still found myself reaffirmed in my own perspective. What you’ll find is, there will be some things you like about the person, and others not so much.

Again though, is that really a problem?

Only if you’re seeking to find “the one”.

Someone to be with “forever.”

But if like myself, LOVE is what you’re after?

This could be just the ticket for you.

A way to quicky find what you value about the other person.

So what do you think? Is it possible in just 36 questions to come to love someone so you will want to have a relationship with them, and could you use these as a springboard to more quickly develop a genuine connection?

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