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2023 New Years Resolution: As You Were!

So what went wrong in 2022?

Ultimately, nothing really.

I had a friend who needed me.

Thankfully I was able to be there for him.

All of my challenges this year still didn’t require me to change anything. “Life is what happens” is always going to happen more or less to some extent.

Of course I also had the usual.

People being “triggered” by my blogging.

But as I’ve told you time and again?

That’s actually good for you.

Christian artist Barry McGuire made a statement many years ago that’s always stuck with me. He said, “If something gets your goat, it’s because you’ve got a goat to get.”

Ever since 2015?

My love life has really been all smooth sailing.

“No breakups or challenges Kel?”

That’s not what I said.

But every relationship challenge you face, I’ve faced very minimally and with much less frequency by comparison. The reason of course as I keep telling you is because my lovestyle is Romantic Friendships.

Not only is the day to day good?

It’s even good during break ups.

And while you girls keep pushing back on this?

It’s still the only way to get what you really want.

Unless I’ve completely misunderstood you, what you really want in your life is love right? Someone who will emotionally connect with you, that you can love back?

Yet despite its complete failure?

You keep clinging to monogamy.

And while it always looks perfect at the start?

It keeps letting you down again and again.

I’m very grateful I’ve come to see things the way I do because it’s made falling in love so easy. Instead of dealing with all the baggage, I can stay focused on just enjoying love.

So as I enter 2023?

I look forward to “more of the same” coming.

As I extend my heart to more of you girls this next year?

I hope you’ll decide to join me too!

How about you? Are you going to continue putting up walls and insisting monogamy will be different in your case, or are you ready to make 2023 the year you finally just open up your heart?

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